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Celebrity Appearance

DeMar DeRozan - Toronto Raptors
Joffrey Lupal - Toronto Maple Leafs
Kevin Pillar - Toronto Blue Jays

With only a short window of opportunity for guests to engage with the talent, timing is crucial to the success of any Celebrity Appearance. The #BLKBX guest experience is about capturing the moment in an efficient manner and ensuring guests have access to their high quality image instantly. From Hollywood A-listers to Toronto sports celebrities such as Demar DeRozan, Joffrey Lupul, and Kevin Pillar we have helped fans get close to the stars. Fans are able to instantly access their celebrity photos via BLKBX social station, and receive a branded images were sent directly to their personal email. #BLKBX was able to capture 162 guest / celebrity interactions in 45 minutes!

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